Where Are Golf Pride Grips Made?


If you’ve ever played golf or are familiar with the sport, you’ve probably heard of Golf Pride. Known for their high-quality grips, Golf Pride has become one of the most trusted brands in the industry. But have you ever wondered where these grips are made? Let’s find out.

Golf Pride is a brand that specializes in manufacturing grips for golf clubs. They are a division of the Eaton Corporation, a multinational power management company. Golf Pride grips are specifically designed to provide golfers with enhanced traction, comfort, and control over their golf clubs.

When it comes to the production of Golf Pride grips, the majority of their grips are made in their manufacturing facility located in Southern Pines, North Carolina, USA. This facility is often referred to as the “Home of Golf Pride Grips.” It is a state-of-the-art facility that employs advanced technology and techniques to produce high-quality grips.

The decision to keep the manufacturing process in the United States comes with several benefits. First and foremost, it allows Golf Pride to maintain strict control over the quality of their grips. By having the manufacturing process in-house, they can ensure that every grip that leaves their facility meets their high standards.

Another advantage of producing grips in the US is the accessibility to skilled workers. The facility in Southern Pines employs a team of highly trained technicians who have extensive knowledge and experience in the production of golf grips. This expertise is crucial in ensuring that every grip is made to perfection.

Furthermore, keeping the production within the country allows for faster turnaround times and more efficient customer service. With the manufacturing facility located locally, Golf Pride can quickly respond to customer demands and provide prompt assistance if any issues arise.

However, it’s worth noting that not all Golf Pride grips are manufactured in the United States. While the majority are produced in the Southern Pines facility, Golf Pride also has manufacturing plants in Thailand and Taiwan. These overseas facilities are primarily used to meet the growing demand for Golf Pride grips in Asia and other global markets.

Even though some grips are manufactured overseas, Golf Pride ensures that the same high standards and quality control processes are followed in all of their facilities. These overseas facilities are equipped with advanced machinery and employ skilled workers to ensure that the grips produced meet the same level of quality as those made in the United States.

In conclusion, Golf Pride grips are primarily made in their manufacturing facility located in Southern Pines, North Carolina, USA. By keeping the production in-house, Golf Pride can maintain strict quality control and provide efficient customer service. While some grips are also produced in overseas facilities, the company ensures that the same high standards are followed in all of their manufacturing locations. So, whether you’re playing golf with a Golf Pride grip made in the United States or overseas, you can be confident in the quality and performance of the grip.