How Golf Explains Trump?


Golf has often been referred to as the “gentleman’s game,” a sport that requires skill, patience, and etiquette. It is a game that can reveal a great deal about a person’s character and values. When it comes to understanding former President Donald Trump, his passion for golf offers some insights into his personality, leadership style, and values.

Trump’s love for golf is well-documented. He owns numerous golf courses around the world, including the famous Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, and the Trump International Golf Links in Scotland. Golf has become an integral part of his life, both as a player and as a business venture.

One aspect of golf that resonates with Trump is the competitive nature of the game. Golf requires players to constantly strive for improvement and excellence. Trump’s competitive spirit is evident throughout his career, from his real estate empire to his political aspirations. Like in golf, he always aims to be a winner, to come out on top.

However, golf is not just about winning. It also requires discipline, patience, and a strong mental game. Trump’s approach to golf can provide some insight into his leadership style. Just as in golf, he often takes risks, pushes boundaries, and expects those around him to follow suit. This approach has been evident in his presidency, where he made unconventional decisions and surrounded himself with people who shared his vision, regardless of their experience or qualifications.

Trump’s love for golf also reveals his desire for exclusivity and luxury. His golf courses are known for their opulence and are often frequented by influential people. Golf serves as a status symbol, a way for Trump to showcase his wealth and power. This desire for exclusivity extends beyond the golf course and into his political ideology, where he often appeals to a certain demographic of Americans who feel marginalized or left behind.

Moreover, golf can serve as a microcosm of society, reflecting the values and dynamics of the larger world. Trump’s behavior on the golf course has been heavily scrutinized and criticized. He has been accused of cheating, bending the rules, and not adhering to golfing etiquette.

Trump’s conduct on the golf course can be seen as a reflection of his approach to leadership and governance. He has been accused of disregarding democratic norms and institutions, prioritizing his own interests over the welfare of the country. His disregard for the rules of golf can be seen as symbolic of his disregard for the norms and institutions that govern society as a whole.

Furthermore, golf is often portrayed as an elitist sport, primarily enjoyed by the wealthy and privileged. The cost of membership, equipment, and green fees can be prohibitively expensive for many. This elitist nature of golf aligns with Trump’s own background and upbringing in a wealthy family.

Trump’s affinity for golf can also be seen as a way for him to connect with his base. Golf has been a popular pastime among Republican politicians, and Trump’s love for the game allows him to establish a sense of camaraderie and shared interests with his supporters. It reinforces his image as a successful businessman and a man of the people.

In conclusion, golf offers some insights into Donald Trump’s personality, leadership style, and values. It provides a lens through which we can understand his competitive nature, his desire for exclusivity and luxury, as well as his disregard for rules and norms. Golf reflects both the elitist aspects of his background and his attempts to connect with his base. Ultimately, understanding how golf explains Trump requires recognizing the complexities of the sport and how it intersects with his personality and worldview.